Monday, May 14, 2007

So much for patient choice ...

According to a report in today's Guardian (>>>), "Labour's health policy giving people the right to choose between NHS hospitals in England is regarded by most patients as irrelevant, the government's health watchdog will disclose this week."

This is hardly a surprise to the many who have been saying for years that the sort of choice being offered as part of the policy is of little or no direct relevance to most patients.

The report goes to say that the issues people regard as most important are whether they have confidence in a hospital's doctors and nurses, and issues they regarded as least important included whether they have a choice of hospital.

The report concludes by quoting the Royal College of Nursing's general secretary, Peter Carter, that: "Asking people if they want more choice is like asking whether they want more peace. Of course they will say 'yes'."

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